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Loss of Y chromosome in blood cells linked to cancer risk


性別特異的でないがんの発症リスクは、女性よりも男性の方が高いが、その理由は解明されていない。今回、Lars Forsbergたちは、遺伝的原因の可能性を探るため、スウェーデンの男性高齢者1600人以上の血液を採取して、DNA解析を行った。男性の場合、通常、加齢によって血液細胞の一部でY染色体自然欠失が起こるが、今回の解析では、Y染色体自然欠失の占める割合の大きな男性の方が、がんのリスクが高く、その生存期間は、Y染色体自然欠失の少ない男性よりも平均で5年半短いことが判明した。この解析結果の妥当性は、これよりやや年下の男性の集団で確認された。

An association between the natural loss of the Y chromosome (LOY) in the blood cells of older men and a higher rate of cancer is reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Genetics. The findings suggest that blood tests for LOY could be used as a predictive tool for cancer risk.

Men are at a higher risk of non-sex-specific cancers than women, but the reason for this is not known. Lars Forsberg and colleagues studied DNA from the blood of over 1600 elderly Swedish men for possible genetic causes. LOY in a proportion of blood cells is common as men age, but they found that men who had higher proportions of LOY had an increased risk of cancer and, on average, died 5.5 years earlier than men with lower LOY levels. The results were validated in a group of slightly younger men.

doi: 10.1038/ng.2966

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