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Understanding pain perception


この論文で、Ingo Kurthたちは、生まれつき痛みを感じることができないヒトにおいてSCN11A遺伝子の変異を同定したことを報告している。また、Kurthたちは、この遺伝子変異をもつマウスを作製して、このマウスの痛み感受性が低いことも見いだした。


A genetic alteration that causes the congenital inability to experience pain is reported online this week in Nature Genetics.

Ingo Kurth and colleagues report the identification of a mutation in the SCN11A gene in individuals born with an inability to perceive pain. The authors engineered mice to carry the mutation and found that these mice have reduced sensitivity to pain.

SCN11A is known to encode an ion channel that is expressed in nerve cells that transmit pain signals.Kurth and colleagues found that mutant channels showed excessive activity, suggesting that these channels may be useful targets for the development of a therapeutic intervention to modulate pain perception.

doi: 10.1038/ng.2767

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