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Variants associated with metabolite levels

ヒト血清中の代謝物濃度に関連する遺伝的多型が複数同定されたことを報告する論文が、Nature Genetics(電子版)に掲載される。


ドイツ環境保健研究センター(ノイヘルベルク)のK Suhreらは、2,000人以上を対象として163種の代謝物の血清中濃度を調べた。次いで、これらの人々についてゲノム解析を行い、代謝にかかわる別々の測定値に関連する9つの遺伝的部位を同定した。そのうちの8つの領域では、遺伝的多型が、関連する代謝物の産生に相関する機能をもつ遺伝子の内部あるいはその近くに位置している。


Genetic variants associated with metabolite concentrations in human blood serum are reported in this week’s issue of Nature Genetics.

Concentrations of metabolites, such as biologically relevant amino acids, sugars, and lipids, in blood serum provide specific measurements that reflect biological activity in the body, and often provide clinically useful information. Such metabolic profiles can provide a physiological snapshot of the cells or tissues being analyzed.

Karsten Suhre and colleagues determined the serum concentrations of 163 metabolites in over 2000 individuals. They then scanned the genomes of these individuals and identified nine genetic locations that are each associated with different metabolic measurements. For eight out of the nine regions, the genetic variant is located within or close to genes whose functions are correlated with the production of the associated metabolite.

These results provide insights into the common genetic variants that regulate human metabolism.

doi: 10.1038/ng.507

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