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Nature Genetics

Genome sequence of a Japanese individual

日本人男性のゲノム塩基配列について報告する論文が、Nature Geneticsの最新号に掲載される。1人の日本人のゲノム全体について塩基配列が解読されたのは、これが初めてだ。



The genome sequence of a Japanese male is reported in the latest issue of Nature Genetics. This is the first whole genome sequence of a Japanese individual.

The sequence of the human genome was first reported in 2001. Recently, “next-generation” DNA sequencing technologies have enabled whole-genome sequencing of a handful of individuals.

Tatsuhiko Tsunoda and colleagues report the sequencing and analysis of an individual Japanese male. Comparison of this genome to six previously reported genomes, including those of Caucasian, Korean and Han Chinese individuals, identified a large amount of previously unknown genetic variation. The authors suggest that there is a considerable amount of genetic variation in humans that remains to be identified.

doi: 10.1038/ng.691

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