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Downward dog

ラブラドール・レトリーバーの運動誘発性虚脱症候群の根底にある突然変異が同定された。この研究成果を報告する論文は、Nature Genetics(電子版)に掲載される。


今回、ミネソタ大学(米国セントポール)のE Pattersonらは、この症候群にかかったラブラドール・レトリーバーについてゲノム解析を行い、DNM1遺伝子の突然変異を同定した。この遺伝子には、ダイナミン1というタンパク質がコードされている。ダイナミン1は、ほぼ例外なく脳と脊髄で発現し、ニューロン間のシグナル伝達で極めて重要な役割を果たす。解析の結果、ラブラドール・レトリーバーの約37%が、この突然変異を1コピー有することが判明した。この突然変異の同定は、ブリーダーにとって有用な遺伝子検査の開発につながるかもしれない。

The mutation underlying the syndrome of exercise-induced collapse in Labrador retrievers has been identified, according to a study published online this week in Nature Genetics.

In the 1990s veterinarians characterized a newly observed syndrome affecting Labrador retrievers that were being trained for field trials. The dogs would develop a wobbly gait after 5?15 minutes of strenuous exercise, which would be accompanied by elevated body temperature, and finally a near-complete loss of control of the rear limbs. Most dogs would recover after 30 minutes, although occasional fatalities were reported.

Edward Patterson and colleagues carried out a genome scan of a group of affected Labrador retrievers, and identified a mutation in the gene DNM1. This gene encodes the protein dynamin 1, which is almost exclusively expressed in the brain and spinal cord, and has a key role in transmitting signals between neurons. The authors show that approximately 37% of Labrador retrievers carry one copy of the mutation, and its identification may allow the development of a genetic test that could be used to assist breeders.

doi: 10.1038/ng.224

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