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Strawberry genome bears fruit


八倍体の栽培種イチゴ(Fragaria × ananassa 「カマローザ」種)は8セットの染色体を持つ。英語ではstrawberryともgarden strawberryとも呼ばれ、その風味と香りから高い人気を誇っている。

今回、Patrick Edgerたちの研究グループは、八倍体イチゴのゲノムの高品質アセンブリーとアノテーションについて報告し、10万個以上のイチゴ遺伝子が同定されたことを明らかにした。Edgerたちは、二倍体のFragaria種(2セットの染色体を有するイチゴ種)の31セットのRNA分子群(トランスクリプトーム)の配列決定を行い、二倍体種とF. × ananassa種のそれぞれの発現遺伝子の配列を比較した。次に、Edgerたちは進化的解析を行い、F. × ananassa種の二倍体の祖先種として、エゾヘビイチゴ(Fragaria vesca)、ノウゴウイチゴ(Fragaria iinumae)と、これまで知られていなかったビリジス(Fragaria viridis)、シロバナノヘビイチゴ(Fragaria nipponica)の4種を特定した。以上の解析結果と現生種の地理的分布を組み合わせると、八倍体イチゴの原産地が北米であることが示唆される。


A near-complete reference genome of the strawberry is reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Genetics. This genome provides new insights into the origin and evolutionary history of this popular fruit.

The cultivated octoploid strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa cultivar ‘Camarosa’) has eight sets of chromosomes. Also known as the garden strawberry, it is popular for its flavours and aromas.

Patrick Edger and colleagues report a high-quality assembly and annotation of the octoploid strawberry genome, identifying more than 100,000 strawberry genes. The authors sequenced 31 sets of RNA molecules from diploid Fragaria species (strawberry species with two sets of chromosomes) and compared the sequences of expressed genes of diploid species with those of F. × ananassa. The authors were then able to identify Fragaria vesca, Fragaria iinumae, and previously unknown Fragaria viridis and Fragaria nipponica as four diploid ancestral species of F. × ananassa, according to evolutionary analysis. These analyses, combined with the geographic distributions of extant species, suggest that the octoploid strawberry originated in North America.

In addition, the authors analysed the evolutionary dynamics among the four subgenomes of the octoploid strawberry. This analysis revealed the presence of a single dominant subgenome, which largely controls metabolomic and disease-resistance traits in strawberry.

The authors conclude that the evolution and origin of strawberry and the discovery of a dominant subgenome, along with the first high-quality genome for an octoploid strawberry, may provide a powerful resource for researchers and breeders to improve the flavors, aromas and disease resistance of the cultivated garden strawberry.

doi: 10.1038/s41588-019-0356-4


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