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Nature Genetics

Variants associated with blood cell and metabolic traits

血液細胞の形質と代謝形質に関連する46の遺伝的多型について報告する論文が、Nature Genetics(電子版)に掲載される。今回の研究では、日本人集団において、血液細胞の変動や特定の代謝物を調節する遺伝子座が同定され、その関連疾患で、こうした遺伝子座がどのような影響を受けているのかを解明できる可能性が生まれた。


Forty-six genetic variants associated with blood cells and metabolic traits are reported in a study published online this week in Nature Genetics. This study identifies genetic loci that regulate blood cell variability and certain metabolites in a Japanese population, which may lead to greater understanding of how these are disturbed in related diseases.

The number and volume of blood cells, as well as the levels of many metabolites, are commonly measured in patients to assist with the diagnosis and management of various diseases. Naoyuki Kamatani and colleagues analyzed the genomes of nearly 15,000 Japanese individuals, measuring eight blood cell traits and 12 metabolites. The study reports 46 new genetic variants that are associated with these clinically relevant traits, which include red blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration, platelet count, and lipid profiles.

doi: 10.1038/ng.531

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