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Genetic associations for major depressive disorder



今回、D Hinds、R Perlis、A Winslowたちの研究グループは、過去に大うつ病性障害の診断ないしは治療を受けたことがあると自己申告した人(121,000人以上)と、うつ病の病歴がないと自己申告した人(338,000人以上)を対象として、全ゲノム関連解析を実施した。この研究では、被験者全員が、一般消費者向けのゲノム解析を行う企業の顧客で、同社の研究イニシアチブへの参加を申し出ていた。この研究の結果、大うつ病性障害と統計的に有意な関連を示す15のゲノム領域が同定された。そして予備的解析により、これら15のゲノム領域には、神経系で発現する遺伝子や、神経の発達に関与する遺伝子が多いことが分かった。さらには、大うつ病性障害に関連する座位として同定されたものと過去に他の精神疾患(統合失調症を含む)に関連する座位として同定されたものが一部重複していることも明らかになった。

The discovery of 15 regions of the genome associated with major depressive disorder (MDD) in individuals of European descent is reported in a study published online this week in Nature Genetics. The study represents the first significant genetic associations with MDD in non-Asian individuals and may lead to further understanding of the biology of this disorder.

MDD causes severe symptoms including depressed mood, altered sleep patterns, appetite changes and fatigue. It is one of the most common mental health disorders. Although there is strong evidence that MDD has a genetic component, including a recent study in Han Chinese women that identified two genetic variants significantly associated with MDD, studies in individuals of European ancestry have not yet identified any genetic regions significantly associated with the disorder.

David Hinds, Roy Perlis, Ashley Winslow and colleagues conducted a genome-wide association study in more than 121,000 individuals reporting prior clinical diagnosis or treatment for MDD and more than 338,000 individuals reporting no history of depression. All study participants were customers of a consumer genomics company who had volunteered to participate in the company’s research initiative. The authors identified 15 genomic regions that showed statistically significant associations with MDD. A preliminary analysis found that the 15 regions are enriched for genes that are expressed in the nervous system as well as genes involved in neurodevelopment. The researchers also found some overlap between the loci identified for MDD and those previously identified for other psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia.

doi: 10.1038/ng.3623

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