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Evolution: Assessing the origins of vocal communication in vertebrates

これまで無発声動物と考えられていた53種の動物の発声を初めて録音した記録について報告する論文がNature Communications に掲載される。今回の研究では、この録音記録に基づいた分析が行われ、鼻呼吸をする脊椎動物の音声コミュニケーションの起源が、約4億700万年前の共通祖先である可能性が示唆されている。


こうした動物の音声コミュニケーション能力を評価するため、今回、Gabriel Jorgewich-Cohenたちは、4つの脊椎動物クレード(カメ、ムカシトカゲ、アシナシイモリ、ハイギョ)の53種について、音声録音と行動記録を実施した。その結果、記録された全ての動物種が、多様な音声レパートリーを有しており、一定種類の音(チーッチーッという音、カチッという音や複雑な音色など)を発することが判明した。次に、これらの記録が、魚類以外の脊椎動物の全ての分類群(1800種)の音声コミュニケーションの進化史に関するデータと結合された。Jorgewich-Cohenたちは、こうした分析に基づいて、鼻呼吸する全ての脊椎動物については、音声コミュニケーションの共通起源が約4億700万年前にあったという考え方を示している。


New vocal recordings from 53 animal species previously considered as non-vocal, are reported in a Nature Communications paper. An analysis based on these recordings suggests that acoustic communication in nose breathing vertebrates may have originated in a common ancestor about 407 million years ago.

Acoustic communication is fundamental to many vertebrate behaviours, such as for facilitating parental care and mate attraction. Previous research has suggested that acoustic communication evolved independently in several diverse groups, but the possibility of a common origin of this adaptation remained unclear. Phylogenetic analyses can provide insight into the evolutionary origins of acoustic communication, but previous attempts have not included recordings from key species, such as turtles and other reptiles, as they were considered non-vocal (incapable of communicating vocally).

To assess their acoustic communication abilities, Gabriel Jorgewich-Cohen and colleagues recorded vocalisations and behaviours of 53 species from 4 vertebrate clades (turtles, tuatara, caecilian and lungfish). The authors found that all recorded species possessed a varied acoustic repertoire, which included a number of different sounds, varying from chirps and clicks to complex tonal sounds. They then combined these recordings with data on the evolutionary history of acoustic communication for 1,800 species, including all groups of vertebrates, except fish. Based on their analyses, the authors propose that acoustic communications has a common origin for all nose breathing vertebrates approximately 407 million years ago.

The findings shed light on the origins of vocal communication, and expand our knowledge of vocal communication in diverse animal groups.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-33741-8


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