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Environment: Increase in plastics in North Atlantic Ocean since 1990s confirmed



連続プランクトン採集器(CPR)は、プランクトン試料を採集する機器であり、1957年以降、北大西洋と隣接海域で650万海里以上を曳航された。今回、Clare Ostleたちの研究グループは、CPRにプラスチックが絡み付いた時期を示す記録を用いて、1957~2016年における北大西洋での海洋プラスチックの量の推移を論文にまとめた。そして、得られたデータセットを基に、外洋のプラスチックが1990年代以降増加傾向に転じたという予想が正しかったことを確認した。CPRにプラスチックが絡み付く事例の発生件数が、2000年以降は約10倍に増加していた。また、過去20年間の増加に最も大きく影響したのが漁業関連のプラスチック(魚網など)の絡み付きで、CPRにプラスチックが絡み付く事例は、北海の南部海域で最も多かった。

There has been a significant increase in the amount of plastic in the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas since the 1990s according to a paper published in Nature Communications. Using records of plastic entanglement on a marine sampling instrument, the study provides data on the occurrence of oceanic plastic from 1957 to 2016. It also presents some of the earliest records of plastics in the ocean.

Since the 1950s plastic production has increased exponentially; however, very few records of its distribution in the world’s oceans exist.

The Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) is a plankton sampling instrument that has been towed over 6.5 million nautical miles in the North Atlantic and adjacent seas since 1957. Using records of when plastics became entangled in the instrument, Clare Ostle and colleagues documented the changes in the amount of oceanic plastic in the North Atlantic from 1957 to 2016. From their dataset, the authors were able to confirm the expected increase in plastics in the open ocean since the 1990s. They found that the occurrence of plastic entanglement on the CPR increased by around ten times from 2000 onwards. Fishing-related plastic entanglements (such as netting) made the most significant contribution to the rise seen in the last two decades, and the southern North Sea had the highest occurrence of entanglement on the CPR.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-09506-1

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