Research Abstract


Radiographic visualization of magma dynamics in an erupting volcano

2014年3月10日 Nature Communications 5 : 3381 doi: 10.1038/ncomms4381


田中 宏幸1, 草茅 太郎1 & 篠原 宏志2

  1. 東京大学 地震研究所
  2. 独立行政法人 産業技術総合研究所
Radiographic imaging of magma dynamics in a volcanic conduit provides detailed information about ascent and descent of magma, the magma flow rate, the conduit diameter and inflation and deflation of magma due to volatile expansion and release. Here we report the first radiographic observation of the ascent and descent of magma along a conduit utilizing atmospheric (cosmic ray) muons (muography) with dynamic radiographic imaging. Time sequential radiographic images show that the top of the magma column ascends right beneath the crater floor through which the eruption column was observed. In addition to the visualization of this magma inflation, we report a sequence of images that show magma descending. We further propose that the monitoring of temporal variations in the gas volume fraction of magma as well as its position in a conduit can be used to support existing eruption prediction procedures.