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Archaeology: The life story of a Bronze Age female


エグトベドの少女は推定16~18歳。デンマークのエグトベド村でオーク材の棺から見つかり、埋葬時期は約3,400年前と計算されている。今回、Karin M Freiたちは、保存状態の良好なエグトベドの少女の頭髪、歯、爪と衣服をもとにして、エグトベドの少女の生涯を追跡調査した。歯のエナメル質のストロンチウム同位体比はデンマークの特徴と一致せず、彼女がデンマーク生まれでないことが示された。また、衣服に用いられた羊毛の同位体分析からは、羊毛の産地が現在のデンマークの国外であったことが明らかになった。Freiたちは、エグトベドの少女の出身地とその衣服の原産地が、ドイツ南西部のシュワルツワルト(黒い森)であった可能性を示している。ただし、ヨーロッパの別の地域である可能性は排除されていない。 エグトベドの少女の長さ23センチの頭髪には、少なくとも晩年の23か月間の動きが記録されていた。最も新しい頭髪部分(晩年の4~6か月間に成長した頭髪)と指の爪の同位体比の特徴からは、エグトベドの少女が死亡直前に遠く離れた場所からエグトベドへ移動したことが示唆されている。また、頭髪の分析をさらに進めたところ、陸上でとれるさまざまな食物を摂取していたことや、タンパク質の摂取量が減少した時期が複数回あったことも判明した。

A detailed analysis of the remains of a high-status Danish Bronze Age female, known as the Egtved Girl, reveals information about her movements, what she ate, and where her clothes came from. It seems that the Egtved Girl originated from a place outside present-day Denmark and travelled back and forth over large distances during last two years of her life. The findings, published in Scientific Reports this week, offer insights into the movements of high-status European Bronze Age individuals.

The Egtved Girl, a 16-18 year old female, was discovered in the Danish village of Egtved in an oak coffin, calculated to have been buried around 3,400 years ago. Her well-preserved hair, teeth, nails and clothes have enabled Karin M Frei and colleagues to trace the life story of this iconic female. Ratios of different strontium isotopes in the tooth enamel do not match up with characteristic rages in Denmark, indicating that she did not originate from Denmark. Isotopic analysis of the wool used to make her clothes indicates that it was gathered from outside present-day Denmark. The authors suggest that the girl and her garments may have originated from the Black Forest in south-western Germany, although they cannot rule out other parts of Europe. Her 23-cm long hair provides a record of her movements during at least the last 23 months of her life. Isotope signatures in the most recent hair segment (grown in the last 4-6 months of her life) and in her fingernails imply that she travelled from a place distant to Egtved shortly before to her death. Further analysis of her hair shows that she had a varied terrestrial diet with intervals of reduced protein intake.

doi: 10.1038/srep10431


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