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Climate sciences: Driving heat out of the city


電気自動車の使用が局所的・大域的規模の両方において気候変動の問題への対策となり得るかどうかを巡っては議論がある。電気自動車は、局所的には二酸化炭素排出量が少ないものの、その製造工程による環境汚染は従来の自動車より深刻だからだ。今回、Canbing Liたちは、従来の自動車を電気自動車に置き換えることのさらなる利点を発見した。こうした利点は、電気自動車への置き換えの加速を後押しするものかもしれない。同じ距離で比較した場合、電気自動車から排出される熱の量は、従来の自動車よりはるかに少なく、これによって夏の都市部におけるヒートアイランド効果(多くの都市の気温が周辺の農村部より高くなる現象で、人間の活動を原因とする)が軽減される可能性がある。Liたちは、中国の北京を例に用いて、従来の自動車を電気自動車に置き換えることでヒートアイランド効果の強度がほぼ摂氏1度低下すると推定し、その結果エアコンによるエネルギー消費量の減少により、1日のCO2排出量が1万686トン減少すると試算している。


Replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles has the potential to reduce temperatures in cities, a study in Scientific Reports this week suggests. The switch may have added benefits, as lower heat emissions are expected to reduce energy consumption by air conditioners locally, leading to lower levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Whether electronic vehicles can address climate change at local and global scales is a matter of debate; despite producing lower emissions locally, the manufacturing process causes more pollution than that for conventional vehicles. Canbing Li and colleagues uncover an additional advantage of replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles that may support the accelerated implementation of this switch. Mile-for-mile, electronic vehicles emit much less heat than conventional vehicles, which could alleviate the urban heat island effect (a phenomenon that causes many cities to be warmer than rural surroundings due to human activities) in the summer in metropolitan areas. Using Beijing, China, as an example, the authors estimate that replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles could reduce the heat island intensity by nearly 1 degree C; they calculate that the subsequent reduction in air-conditioning energy consumption would result in a drop in daily CO2 emissions of 10,686 tonnes.

However, the authors note that several factors can influence the urban heat island effect, not all of which were addressed in this study. For example, there are conflicting reports regarding the impact of reduced aerosol pollution on heat island intensity. These factors may need to be considered when weighing up the benefits and disadvantages of replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles.

doi: 10.1038/srep09213

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