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Palaeontology: Old bones teach new lessons about dog domestication


イヌが家畜化された時期は、ヒトが狩猟採集民だった旧石器時代だったのか、ヒトが永住の地を定め、農耕を始めた新石器時代だったのかについては、今も論争が続いている。最近、2つの旧石器時代の頭蓋骨化石が発見された。第1の化石標本は、ベルギーのゴイエで発見された約3万1680年前のもの。第2の化石標本は、ロシアのエリセエヴィッチで発見された約1万4000年前のものだ。この2点はイヌの化石とされ、イヌの家畜化は新石器時代より前に起こったことが示唆されていた。しかし、今回、Abby Grace Drakeたちは、頭蓋骨を分類するために用いた測定法の分解能がイヌとオオカミを区別できるほど高くない可能性があるという考え方を示している。Drakeたちは頭蓋骨全体の詳細な3次元分析によって2点の旧石器時代の化石標本を再評価し、現代のイヌとオオカミの頭蓋骨と比較した結果、これらがイヌではなくオオカミの化石であることに間違いないと結論づけている。


Reanalysis of skulls thought to belong to the earliest dogs demonstrates that they were in fact wolves and not dogs. The findings, published in Scientific Reports this week, provide more evidence to help determine the timing of dog domestication.

Whether dogs were domesticated during the Paleolithic era, when humans were hunter-gatherers, or during the Neolithic era, when humans began to form permanent settlements and began farming, is a subject of ongoing debates. Two Paleolithic skulls - an approximately 31,680 year-old specimen from Goyet, Belgium, and a roughly 14,000 year-old specimen from Eliseevichi, Russia - were previously identified as dogs, which implied that dog domestication occurred prior to the Neolithic. However, Abby Grace Drake and colleagues propose that the measurements used to classify the skulls may not have had high enough resolution to differentiate between dogs and wolves. They reassess the specimens using a detailed whole 3D skull analysis and compare them to the skulls of modern dogs and wolves, concluding that the Paleolithic skulls are definitively wolves and not dogs.

These results support recent genetic studies that have also contended Neolithic origins of dog domestication. The authors suggest that combining genetic data with 3D skull analysis could help to reclassify other fossils from the canid family and provide more evidence to address the origins of dog domestication.

doi: 10.1038/srep08299


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