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Developmental biology: Understanding the early development of external genitalia


外性器の発生過程は、部分的に解明され始めているが、外性器を形成する細胞の起源は分かっていない。今回、Ana HerreraとMartin Cohnは、発生過程のニワトリ胚におけるさまざまな細胞の運命を調べて、陰茎と陰核の前駆体である生殖結節という構造体の形成に寄与する前駆細胞を特定した。そして生殖結節が、胚の右側と左側で、後肢と尾が生じる「芽」の近くに位置する2つの細胞集団から発生することも明らかになった。これらの細胞集団は、体壁が閉鎖する際に融合する。体壁の閉鎖は、胚の右側と左側を「チャックで」合体させる事象で、胚を平らなシートの状態から3次元のチューブの状態に変化させる。体壁の閉鎖が不完全だと、先天性欠損が起こるため、HerreraとCohnは、2つの区画化された細胞集団から生殖結節が発生するという発見は、生殖器異常が体壁閉鎖不全と関連していることが多い理由を説明する上で役立つと結論づけている。また著者たちは、ヘビやトカゲなどの動物において2つの陰茎を持つ事例があることは、左右の性器前駆体集団が融合できなかったことによって説明可能だとも考えている。

Progenitor cells that eventually form into the penis or clitoris originate in compartmentalised regions that are brought together as the embryo develops, a study of chick embryos in Scientific Reports finds. Identification of the precise origins of these cells may provide insights into the events that cause genital defects to develop.

Although some of the processes of external genital development are beginning to be identified, the origin of cells that produce external genitalia has been elusive. By mapping the fate of cells in a developing chick embryo, Ana Herrera and Martin Cohn identify the progenitor cells that contribute to the formation of a structure called the genital tubercle, the precursor of the penis and clitoris. They find that the genital tubercle arises from two populations of cells on the left and right side of the embryo, located near ‘buds’ that give rise to hind limbs and the tail. These pools of cells are brought together during body wall closure, an event that ‘zips’ together the left and right sides of the embryo, transforming it from a flat sheet to a three-dimensional tube. Incomplete closure of the body wall results in birth defects; thus the authors conclude that the discovery that genital tubercle origins lie in two compartmentalised sets of cells helps to explain why genital defects are often associated with disruption of body wall closure. The authors also suggest that failure to fuse the left and right genital progenitor pools might explain how some animals, such as snakes and lizards, evolved paired penises.

doi: 10.1038/srep06896


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