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Earth science: Rethinking Venice’s sinking

人工衛星によるベネチア(イタリア)の歴史的中心市街地の高分解能観測をもとにして、過去20年間のベネチア市内での土地の変位に対する自然の地盤沈下と人間活動の相対的寄与度が推定された。この結果を報告する論文が、今週、Scientific Reportsに掲載される。

今回、Luigi Tosi、Pietro TeatiniとTazio Strozziは、ベネチアにおける自然の地盤沈下と人間活動による土地の変位とを峻別する研究を考案した。(過去の地盤沈下に寄与した)地下水のくみ上げの影響は、数十年前に消滅したが、最近の海水準の変動によってベネチアの脆弱性が増しているため、その中心市街地に影響を及ぼす地盤沈下に関する信頼性の高い詳細な知識は、今でも非常に重要だ。Tosiたちは、個々の建物のわずかな変化でも検出できる2種類の人工衛星による高分解能観測を用いて、ベネチアの中心市街地の長期的、短期的変位を調べた。


High-resolution satellite monitoring of Venice’s historical city centre provides estimates of the relative contributions of natural subsidence and human activities to land movements in the city over the past 20 years. The findings are published in Scientific Reports this week.

Luigi Tosi, Pietro Teatini and Tazio Strozzi devised a study to distinguish between natural land subsidence and movements induced by anthropogenic activities in Venice. The effects of pumping groundwater (which contributed to land subsidence historically) ended a few decades ago. However, reliable and detailed knowledge of land subsidence affecting Venice’s city centre is still crucial, due to recent sea-level changes that have increased the city’s vulnerability. The authors examined long- and short-term displacements of the city centre using two different types of high-resolution satellite monitoring, which can reveal the tiny movements of individual buildings.

The study indicates that natural subsidence is occurring in Venice at a rate of about 0.8-1 mm per year, while human activities are contributing to land movements of about 2-10 mm per year, but only on a very localized scale and over short time-scales. The anthropogenic changes are mainly caused by conservation and reconstruction processes to preserve the building heritage, as well as urban maintenance works, including efforts to stabilize the canal walls, the authors say.

doi: 10.1038/srep02710

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