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Big data: Can Google search volumes predict stock market movements?


今回、Tobias PreisとHelen Susannah Moat、H. Eugene Stanleyは、2004~2011年のグーグル検索を分析して、株式市場データに記録された売買の決定に先行する情報収集過程を調べた。この分析では、金融と負債、株式市場に関連する用語を含む98の検索語に関する検索件数に焦点を当てた。その結果、研究対象期間中において、グーグルでの検索行動の変化を捉えたデータによって特定の将来動向を予測できることが示唆されている。今回の研究結果は、金融市場の急落の前には投資家が懸念を示す時期があるとする学説を裏づけている。この時期に、投資家は、最終的な売買判断を下す前に検索を行って、市場に関する情報をより多く得ようとするのではないかと考えられている。


A quantitative analysis of changes in Google query volumes for search terms related to finance, published in Scientific Reports this week, reveals patterns that may be interpreted as early-warning signs of stock market moves. The research may offer a new perspective on the behaviour of market participants during periods of large market movements.

Tobias Preis, Helen Susannah Moat and H. Eugene Stanley analysed Google searches from 2004 to 2011 to investigate the information-gathering process that precedes the trading decisions recorded in stock market data. The team focused on search volumes for a set of 98 search terms, including terms related to finance, debt and stock markets. Within the studied period, the analysis suggests that data capturing changes in Google search behaviour would have been able to anticipate certain future trends. The research supports the idea that drops in the financial market may be preceded by periods of investor concern. In these periods investors may search for more information about the market, before eventually deciding to buy or sell.

The study highlights the insights large behavioural data sets may provide into the processes of collective decision-making. Further work is needed to understand the underlying psychological mechanisms that may lead people to search for more information about financial topics before selling stocks at low prices.

doi: 10.1038/srep01684


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