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Evolution: How spiders make all-weather ‘superglue’

コガネグモ科のクモとその進化上の子孫であるヒメグモ科のクモが獲物を捕えるために分泌する「接着剤」が、湿度に対して異なった応答を示し、その原因が、接着剤に含まれる「粘着付与剤」の違いにあることがわかった。この知見は、特定の刺激に対して耐性または感受性を示すスマート材料を作り出すための将来的な研究に役立つかもしれない。この研究結果を報告する論文が、Scientific Reportsに掲載される。


今回の研究で、A Dhinojwalaたちは、2系統のクモが産生する接着剤の液滴を調べた。この2種類のバイオ接着剤には、高度の進化的相同性があるが、特に水との相互作用の点で著しく異なっていた。ヒメグモ科のクモは、短いペプチドと接着性ポリマー(おそらく糖タンパク質)の混ざり合ったものを使うので、その接着剤は、湿度の変動に耐性を有している。一方、コガネグモ科のクモの粘着性接着剤には吸湿性の塩が含まれているため、水に高い反応性を示し、その粘着性は、中程度の湿度で最も高くなる。

The prey-capture glues produced by orb-weaving spiders and their evolutionary descendents, cobweb-weaving spiders, respond differently to humidity because of different ‘tackifiers’ used in the two types of glue. These findings, published in Scientific Reports, could help future efforts to make smart materials that are resistant or sensitive to certain stimuli.

Orb-weaving spiders and cobweb-weaving spiders capture prey using adhesive silk threads coated in glue but although the two types of glue are produced in homologous glands, they differ greatly. Viscid glue, produced by orb-weaving spiders, is adapted for capturing flying insects and is humidity-sensitive, its adhesion maximized at intermediate humidity. The gumfoot glue produced by cobweb-weaving spiders is adapted for catching walking insects and is mainly resistant to humidity, maintaining its stickiness at extreme humidity levels.

Ali Dhinojwala and colleagues examined individual droplets of glue produced by the two spider lineages. Despite their close evolutionary homology, the two bio-adhesives proved to be remarkably different, particularly with respect to their interactions with water. Cobweb weavers use a cocktail of short peptides and long adhesive polymers (probably glycoproteins), which means the glue is resistant to variations in humidity. Viscid glue, on the other hand, is highly responsive to water thanks to the hygroscopic salts it contains, and the glue is stickiest at intermediate humidity.

doi: 10.1038/srep00041


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