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Veterinary medicine: Risk factors for heatstroke in UK dogs

高齢で体重が各品種の平均より重いイヌ、あるいは顔の平たい品種(短頭種)のイヌは、暑熱関連疾患にかかるリスクが高いことを報告する論文が、Scientific Reports に掲載される。

今回、Emily Hallたちの研究チームは、2016年に英国で獣医療を受けた90万5543匹のイヌの匿名電子記録を用いて、イヌにおける熱中症の発生頻度を調べた。その結果、395匹(0.04%)が暑熱関連疾患を起こし、うち56匹が死亡していた(致死率14.18%)ことが確認された。体重が各品種の平均以上のイヌは、平均未満のイヌよりも暑熱関連疾患を発症する確率が1.42倍高かった。また、各品種の平均体重にかかわらず、体重が50キログラム以上のイヌは、10キログラム未満のイヌよりも暑熱関連疾患を発症する確率が3.42倍高かった。さらに、6~8歳のイヌと12歳超のイヌは、2歳未満のイヌと比べて、暑熱関連疾患を発症する確率がそれぞれ1.53倍、1.75倍高かった。



Dogs that are older and heavier than their breed average or that have flat faces are at higher risk of heat-related illness, according to a study in Scientific Reports.

Emily Hall and colleagues investigated the incidence of heatstroke in dogs, using anonymized electronic records from 905,543 dogs under veterinary care in the UK in 2016, including 395 (0.04%) confirmed instances of heat-related illness, out of which 56 were fatal (fatality rate of 14.18%). Dogs with a bodyweight at or above the average for their breed had 1.42 times higher odds of heat-related illness than dogs with a bodyweight below the average for their breed. Regardless of the average weight for their breed, dogs weighing 50kg or more had 3.42 times higher odds of heat-related illness than those weighing less than 10kg. Dogs aged six to eight years and those older than 12 years old had 1.53 and 1.75 times higher odds of heat-related illness respectively than dogs aged below two years.

Dogs with flat faces, such as pugs and French bulldogs, had 2.10 times higher odds than those with medium-length faces and purebred dogs had 1.86 times higher odds of heat-related illness than crossbred dogs.

The findings suggest the importance of maintaining a healthy bodyweight in dogs to limit the risk of heat-related illness. Breeding for good respiratory function should also be considered to limit the risk of heat-related illness in dogs, according to the authors.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-66015-8

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