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Animal behaviour: Anxieties and problematic behaviours may be common in pet dogs

犬の種類を問わず普通に見られるとされる不安や問題行動について詳しく調べた結果を報告する論文が、Scientific Reports に掲載される。今回の研究で、最も一般的な不安様形質が騒音感受性で、その次が恐怖心であることが示唆されている。

今回、Hannes Lohiたちの研究チームは、フィンランドの飼い犬(1万3700頭)について、飼い主の報告に基づいた調査を行い、72.5%の飼い犬が問題行動(攻撃性、恐怖心など)を示したことを明らかにした。最も多かった不安様形質は騒音感受性で、32%の飼い犬が1種類以上の騒音を怖がり、花火を特異的に怖がった犬が26%いた。2番目に多い不安様形質は恐怖心で、29%の犬に見られた。具体的には、他の犬に対する恐怖心(17%)、見知らぬ人間に対する恐怖心(15%)、新たな状況に対する恐怖心(11%)だった。




Anxieties and behaviour problems may be common across dog breeds, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. The findings suggest that noise sensitivity is the most common anxiety trait, followed by fear.

Hannes Lohi and colleagues used an owner-reported survey to examine seven anxiety-like traits and problematic behaviours in 13,700 Finnish pet dogs and found that 72.5% showed problematic behaviours, including aggression and fearfulness. Noise sensitivity was the most common anxiety; 32% of dogs were fearful of at least one noise and 26% of dogs were afraid of fireworks, specifically. Fear was the second most common anxiety, found in 29% of dogs. This included fear of other dogs (17%), fear of strangers (15%) and fear of new situations (11%).

Noise sensitivity, and especially fear of thunder, increased with age, as did fear of heights and surfaces, such as walking on metal grids or shiny floors. Younger dogs more often damaged or urinated on items when left alone, and were also more often inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive and chased their tails more than older dogs. Male dogs were more often aggressive and hyperactive/impulsive than female dogs, which were more often fearful.

The authors also found differences between breeds. Lagotto Romano, Wheaten Terrier and mixed breeds were the most noise sensitive while Spanish Water Dogs, Shetland Dogs and mixed breeds were the most fearful. 10.6% of Miniature Schnauzers were aggressive towards strangers, compared to 0.4% of Labrador Retrievers.

The findings suggest that canine anxieties and behaviour problems may be common across breeds. Efforts should be made to decrease the prevalence of these conditions, for instance through breeding policies and changes to the living environment, according to the authors.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-59837-z

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