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Evolution: Ancient teeth shed light on Miocene ‘mouse’ migration



今回、Raquel Lopez-Antonanzasたちは、2013年と2018年にレバノンで発掘された歯の化石を分析して、これまでに発見されていなかった種の歯であることを明らかにし、この新種をProgonomys manoloと名付けている。Lopez-Antonanzasたちは、P. manoloが約1100万~1050万年前に生息していたProgonomys属の最も古い種に形態学的に類似していると考えており、このことからP. manoloは、Progonomys属の最も原始的な種の1つだったと示唆される。Progonomys属は、ネズミ亜科動物が出現したと考えられている南アジアから最初に分散したネズミ亜科動物である。

レバノンがアフリカ大陸に近いことを考えると、後にアフリカに定着したProgonomys属集団の祖先がP. manoloである可能性が高いとLopez-Antonanzasたちは考えている。



The largest subfamily of mammals, Murinae, is thought to have originated 16 million years ago in southern Asia. Yet, the possible routes and timing of the first murine dispersal have remained unclear.

Raquel Lopez-Antonanzas and colleagues analysed fossil teeth excavated in Lebanon in 2013 and 2018 and identified them as belonging to a previously undiscovered species, which they named Progonomys manolo. They find that P. manolo is morphologically comparable to the oldest populations of Progonomys, which lived around 10.5-11 million years ago. This suggests that P. manolo is one of the earliest representatives of Progonomys. The genus Progonomys was the first mouse to spread out of southern Asia, where mice are believed to have originated.

Given the proximity of Lebanon to the African continent, P. manolo is likely to have given rise to later populations of Progonomys that settled in Africa the authors suggest.

Dental analysis of various species of Progonomys also revealed that their teeth changed throughout the course of evolution. Later species had broader molars, which suggests a transition from an omnivorous, generalist diet to a more specialist, herbivorous one. This is related to the transition from a warm and moist middle Miocene to an increasingly drier one in the Late Miocene.

The findings, which constitute the first record of the genus Progonomys in the Arabian Peninsula, enhance the importance of the ‘Levantine Corridor’ as a crossroad between Eurasia and Africa and provide additional detail on the oldest intercontinental dispersal of the Murinae.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-47894-y

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