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Microbiology: Levels of multidrug-resistant bacteria on frequently touched London surfaces probed


今回、Hermine Mkrchytanたちの研究グループは、感染症を引き起こすことが知られている細菌群である抗生物質耐性ブドウ球菌の存在度を比較するため、ロンドン東部とロンドン西部で人間の手が触れることの多い部位の表面を検査用綿棒で拭き取って試料を採取した。具体的には、一般市民が利用する場所のドアの取っ手、肘掛け、トイレの便座などの表面と病院内の共用部分(受付、トイレ、廊下、エレベーターなど)である。Mkrchytanたちは、採取された試料から、計600のブドウ球菌分離株を特定した。そのうちの281株(46.83%)は、2種類以上の抗生物質に耐性を示し、耐性の多かった順はペニシリン(80.42%)、フシジン酸(72.4%)、エリスロマイシン(54.45%)だった。


An assessment of multidrug-resistant bacteria levels in samples collected from the surfaces of general public areas ― such as London Underground stations and shopping centres ― and public areas in hospitals across London is reported in Scientific Reports.

Hermine Mkrchytan and colleagues swabbed commonly touched surfaces in East and West London to compare levels of antibiotic-resistant staphylococci, a group of bacteria known to cause infections in humans. Samples were collected from surfaces such as door handles, armrests and toilet seats in public areas, and areas in two hospitals accessible to members of the public, such as receptions, public washrooms, corridors and lifts. From the samples recovered, the authors identified a total of 600 individual staphylococci isolates. Of these, 281 (46.83%) showed resistance to two or more antibiotics, most commonly to the antibiotic penicillin (80.42%), followed by fusidic acid (72.4%) and erythromycin (54.45%).

A higher proportion of multidrug-resistant bacteria was found in public areas within hospitals (49.5%) compared to non-hospital public settings (40.66%), and in samples collected from East London (56.7%) compared to West London (49.96%). The authors say these findings could be reflective of increased antibiotic use within hospitals and greater population density in East London. A diverse set of genes conferring resistance to antibiotics was found within the samples, some of which had not been identified previously. Further analyses could help to establish where the antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in these areas first originated.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-45886-6

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