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Infectious diseases: Study of road traffic-killed badgers sheds new light on bovine TB epidemic in UK

2014~2015年に英国チェシャー州で路上死して回収された94体のアナグマのサンプルの約5分の1から、ウシ結核の原因菌であるウシ型結核菌(Mycobacterium bovis)が検出されたことを報告する論文が、今週掲載される。チェシャー州は、英国内でウシ結核が流行する地域の外縁に位置すると考えられていたが、2010年以降、ウシ結核の発生率が上昇していた。著者たちは、今回の研究で流行拡大の原因を突き止められなかった点も指摘している。

今回Elsa Sandoval、Malcolm Bennettたちの研究グループは、2014~2015年にチェシャー州で交通事故死したアナグマの死体を地元の農業従事者、獣医師、野生生物保護グループ、および政府機関のネットワークを通じて収集して調べた。その結果、アナグマの死体の21%(94体のうちの20体)からウシ型結核菌が検出された。これに対して1972~1990年にチェシャー州で実施された路上死したアナグマの調査でウシ型結核菌を保有していたのは、研究サンプル計389体のうち1体(0.26%)のみだった。



Mycobacterium bovis, the bacterium that causes bovine tuberculosis (TB), has been detected in about one-fifth of a sample of 94 road-killed badgers collected between 2014 and 2015 in the UK county of Cheshire, according to a study in Scientific Reports. Cheshire was thought to be on the edge of the bovine TB epidemic in the UK, but has seen an increase in the incidence of TB in cattle since 2010. The authors note that their study does not determine the causes of this expansion.

Elsa Sandoval, Malcolm Bennett and colleagues studied road-traffic killed badgers, collected in Cheshire through a network of local farmers, veterinarians, wildlife groups and government agencies between 2014 and 2015. M. bovis was found in 21% (20 out of 94) of the badger carcasses. Conversely, in road-killed badger surveys conducted in Cheshire between 1972 and 1990, only one badger out of a sample of 389 was found to carry the bacterium (0.26%).

The prevalence of M. bovis in badgers in Cheshire was found to be similar to the estimated prevalence of 18% and 20% in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire respectively, which are both considered ‘high-risk’ counties for cattle infection, suggesting the spread of the epidemic outside of the South West of England.

Although the results suggest that both badgers and cattle may be part of the same geographically expanding epidemic, the authors emphasize that the direction of any cross-species transmission - whether the badgers infect the cattle or vice versa - cannot be determined. Further studies are needed to achieve a fuller understanding of the transmission of M. bovis in areas such as Cheshire.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-35652-5


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