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Zoology: Fungi may help honeybees fight off viruses



今回、Walter Sheppardたちは、実験室環境と野外での研究で、菌類に由来する抽出物がDWVとLSVに対する活性を有しているのかどうかを評価した。実験室環境では、飼育しているミツバチに菌類(ツリガネタケとコフキサルノコシカケ)の抽出物または砂糖シロップ(対照用)を餌として与えた。その結果、菌類の抽出物を与えられたミツバチは、砂糖シロップを与えられたミツバチと比べて、DWVとLSVの量が用量依存的に急減した。一方、野外実験では、ミツバチのコロニーにマンネンタケ属とツリガネタケ属のキノコの抽出物を餌として与えたところ、この食餌によって、12日後にはDWVとLSVの量が用量依存的に減少することが明らかになった。また、これとは別の菌類種の抽出物を与えても、ウイルス量は有意に減少したが、スクロース溶液を与えた対照コロニーでは、ウイルス量の減少はわずかだった。


Honeybees may gain health benefits, such as protection against certain viruses, from consuming extracts from fungi, a study in Scientific Reports suggests.

Viruses including the deformed wing virus (DWV) and the Lake Sinai virus (LSV) have been reported to play a significant role in the decline of honeybee health worldwide. However, approved antiviral materials are currently unavailable to beekeepers, who use miticides to reduce beehive infestation with mites suspected of transmitting the viruses.

In both laboratory and field studies, Walter Sheppard and colleagues evaluated extracts derived from fungi for activity against DWV and LSV. In the laboratory, caged bees were fed either extracts of the fungi Fomes fomentarius and Ganoderma applantum, or sugar syrup (control). Compared to the sugar-fed bees, treatment with fungal extracts substantially reduced DWV and LSV in a dose-dependent manner. In the field experiments, the authors fed bee colonies extracts of Fomes and Ganoderma mushrooms and showed that the treatment reduced levels of DWV and LSW in a dose-dependent manner after 12 days. Treatment with other species of these fungi also significantly reduced viral load, whereas control colonies that had been fed a sucrose solution showed much smaller reductions.

As the fungal extracts tested in this study are orally active and bees have been observed to forage on mushrooms in the wild, the authors suggest that, in the future, beekeepers could potentially use fungi in order to maintain the pollination services of their bees.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-32194-8


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