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Animal behaviour: Crows can make tools from memory

カレドニアガラスは、記憶を基に道具を再現する能力を有することを報告する論文が、今週Scientific Reportsに掲載される。カレドニアガラスは、この能力によって自分たちの道具を徐々に改良している。他のカラスの道具の設計を覚えておいて、それを再現し、改良を加えるのだ。記憶から物品を再現し、改良するという形質は、ヒト以外の動物ではまれにしか見られない。


今回、Sarah Jelbertたちの研究グループは、この仮説を検証するため、自動販売機のような機械にさまざまな大きさの紙を差し込んで、特定の大きさの紙が差し込まれた時に報酬が得られるようにした上で、8羽のカレドニアガラスがこの機械を使えるように訓練した。どの大きさの紙ならば報酬が得られるのかをカレドニアガラスが学習したところで、この研究グループは、もっと大きなカードをカレドニアガラスに与えたが、その際に見本となるような報酬が得られる大きさの紙を与えなかった。するとカレドニアガラスは、このカードを破いて、これまで報酬を受け取っていた大きさの紙に近い大きさのカードを作ったのだ。このことは、カレドニアガラスが自分自身の道具の設計を頭の中に思い描けることを示している。

New Caledonian crows can recreate tools from memory according to a study in Scientific Reports. This ability may allow them to improve their own tools over time by recreating and then modifying other crows’ tools designs that they have memorised. Being able to recreate and modify items from memory is a trait rarely associated with non-human animals.

New Caledonian crows are known to make basic stick tools, hooked stick tools and barbed tools torn from the leaves of plants. However, so far it has not been clear if crows learn tool designs from other crows and if these designs improve over time. Although New Caledonian crows do not appear to closely observe or imitate the process of tool manufacture in the wild, specific tool designs made by crows living in different areas have persisted for at least several decades and improved over time, which suggests that the skill of tool making somehow spreads throughout crow populations. One idea of how tool design could be passed on and evolve is that individual crows use or observe other crows’ tools, remember a particular tool design, and then reproduce it to make their own tools.

To test the idea, Sarah Jelbert and colleagues trained eight crows to drop differently sized pieces of paper into a vending machine to retrieve rewards. Only pieces of a particular size were rewarded. Once the crows had been trained to recognize which sizes were rewarded, the authors provided them with a large piece of card but no physical templates of the previously rewarded paper sizes. The authors found that the crows tore up the card to form items that were similar in size to the pieces of paper that they had previously received a reward for. This indicates that these crows are able to form a mental image of their tool designs.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-27405-1

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