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An association between sugar and mental health



今回、Anika Knuppelたちの研究グループは、ホワイトホールII研究で22年間に収集された合計8,087人の男女(39~83歳)の反復測定データを解析した。Knuppelたちは、回収された質問票からまとめられた食事と心の健康に関する情報に基づき、糖分摂取量が増えると、心の健康が悪影響を受け、5年後の追跡調査でも同じ結果が得られたことを明らかにした。また、糖分摂取量が上位3分の1のグループの男性は、5年後に一般的な精神疾患を発症している確率が23%高く、この結果が、健康を維持するための自発的行為、社会人口統計学的要因、食事関連要因、肥満症とその他の疾患とは無関係であることが明らかになった。Knuppelたちは、うつ病にかかりやすい者は糖分摂取量が多い傾向があるという仮説は今回の研究で裏付けられず、今回得られた知見により、甘い食べ物と飲み物による糖分摂取が長期的な心の健康に悪影響を及ぼすことが明らかになったと主張している。

A diet high in sugar found in sweet foods and beverages may be associated with an increased likelihood of common mental disorders (such as anxiety and depression) in men according to a study in Scientific Reports. The authors note that their findings should be replicated in other groups.

Higher levels of sugar consumption have been linked to a higher prevalence of depression in several studies. However, the possibility that a mental health disorder may lead to a higher sugar intake, so that the diet-mental health association is wholly or partly the result of poor mental health, has not been examined.

Anika Knuppel and colleagues analysed repeated data from 8,087 men and women aged between 39 and 83 collected over a 22 year period from the Whitehall II study. Based on information about diet and mental health compiled from questionnaires, the authors found that higher levels of sugar intake had an adverse effect on mental health and in follow up five years later. They also found that men in the top third of the sample for sugar intake had a 23% increased chance of incident common mental disorders after five years, independent of health behaviours, socio-demographic and diet-related factors, adiposity and other diseases. The authors found no support for the hypothesis that those susceptible to depression tend to increase their sugar intake and argue that their findings show an adverse effect of sugar intake from sweet foods and beverages on long-term psychological health.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-05649-7


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