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Planetary science: Compounds on the surface may not support life on Mars



今回、Jennifer WadsworthとCharles Cockellは、過塩素酸塩類の反応性の有無と過塩素酸塩類が枯草菌の生存率に及ぼす影響を調べた。枯草菌は宇宙船に紛れ込んでいることが多いのだ。火星の表面での条件に近づけて、過塩素酸マグネシウムに短波紫外線を照射する実験では、過塩素酸マグネシウムが殺菌作用を持つようになった。また、火星の表面レゴリス(ちり、土、岩石破片が混ざったもの)に存在する過塩素酸塩類の濃度を再現して火星と同じような条件にした上で枯草菌を放置する実験では、枯草菌の栄養細胞の生存能力が数分以内に失われた。WadsworthとCockellは、火星表面を構成する別の2つの物質(酸化鉄と過酸化水素)が過塩素酸塩類と相乗的に作用するという考えを示しており、その場合の細胞死は、過塩素酸塩類のみが存在して紫外線照射があった場合の10.8倍とする。


The surface of Mars may be bacteriocidal owing to the presence of chemical compounds called perchlorates, according to a study in Scientific Reports.

Perchlorates have been detected on the surface of Mars, raising questions about their influence on the habitability of the planet.

Jennifer Wadsworth and Charles Cockell investigated the potential reactivity of perchlorates and their effect on the viability of Bacillus subtilis, a common contaminant found on spacecraft. The authors found that when magnesium perchlorate was irradiated under short-wave UV radiation (similar to conditions encountered on the surface of Mars), it became bacteriocidal. At perchlorate concentrations similar to those found in Martian surface regolith (the mixture of dust, soil and broken rocks) vegetative cells of B. subtilis lost viability within minutes under Martian analogue conditions. The authors also suggest that two other components of the Martian surface, iron oxides and hydrogen peroxide, act in synergy with perchlorates resulting in a 10.8-fold increase in cell death when compared to the reaction with perchlorates.

Although the toxic effects of the Martian surface have been suspected for some time, the authors’ observations suggest that the surface of Mars is highly deleterious to cells, caused by a toxic cocktail of oxidants, iron oxides, perchlorates, and UV irradiation. The findings could have implications for planetary protection, specifically concerning the potential contamination of Mars by robotic and human exploration.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-04910-3

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