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Zoology: How much space to ensure panda survival?



今回、Zhisong Yang、Zejun Zhang、Qiang Daiとその他の研究者からなるチームは、ジャイアントパンダの存在に関するデータセット(例えば、足跡や採餌痕)を用いて、今も生息している野生のジャイアントパンダの総個体数の74%以上が生息する中国の5つの山脈におけるパンダのMARを算出した。これらのパンダ個体群全体にとってのMARは114.7 km2と算出されたが、Yangたちは、個々の生息地パッチの大きさがパンダの保全に重要な意味を持っているという見解を示している。また、パンダの局地的個体群の存続を確実なものとするためには、パンダの移住だけでは不十分で、パンダの生息地の分断化を減らす努力も必要だとYangたちは主張している。そしてYangたちは、生息地パッチ間に回廊を開設すれば分断化の影響を減らせる可能性があるが、生息地分断化が非常に激しく起こっている山脈で生息地を広げることの必要性は変わらないという考えを示している。

The Minimum Area Requirement (MAR) for giant panda populations living in the wild - the smallest area of habitat that is required for the long term survival of a population - is calculated in a study in Scientific Reports this week.

Populations of the giant panda were originally found throughout most of southern and eastern China, northern Myanmar and northern Vietnam. However, owing to natural catastrophes and increased human activity, current populations are restricted to six separate regions scattered throughout the rugged mountain ranges at the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau.

Using datasets on giant panda presence, including footmark and forage traces, Zhisong Yang, Zejun Zhang, Qiang Dai and colleagues calculated the MAR for pandas in five mountain ranges in China that support more than 74% of the total population that remains in the wild. The authors calculated the overall MAR for these populations of giant pandas as 114.7 km2, but comment that the sizes of individual habitat patches have implications for panda conservation. The authors argue that translocation of pandas is insufficient to guarantee the long-term survival of local populations, unless efforts are also made to reduce the break-up of their habitats. They suggest that establishing corridors between habitat patches may reduce the impact of fragmentation; however, expanding habitats is still necessary in mountain ranges where fragmentation is most intense.

doi: 10.1038/srep37715


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