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Drug discovery: Cannabis vaping using e-cigarettes



今回、Vincent Varletたちは、治療用大麻の投与方法としてマリファナ喫煙に代わる大麻蒸気吸入の効率を評価した。この研究では、ブタンガスを使って大麻からカンナビノイドが抽出され、濃縮ブタンハッシュオイル(BHO)を含むEリキッド(電子タバコ補充液)が作られ、霧化できるようにした。こうした電子タバコが3種類作製され、発生したガスのサンプルが回収されて、分析された。また、Varletたちは、大麻蒸気吸入によって、通常の大麻タバコに火をつけた時に放出されるかなりの量の有毒な混入物質(例えば、揮発性有機化合物(VOC)やカルボニル)の吸入が避けられることを見いだした。



Using e-cigarettes for the vaping of cannabis, a method the authors refer to as “cannavaping”, may provide a new route of administration for therapeutic cannabinoids according to an initial study published in Scientific Reports this week.

Therapeutic cannabis administration is increasingly used in western countries and the combustion and inhalation of cannabis cigarettes is generally considered an inappropriate method. Vaporization has been recommended as an alternative.

Vincent Varlet and colleagues evaluated the efficiency of cannabis vaping as an alternative to smoking marijuana for therapeutic uses. Cannabinoids from cannabis were extracted with butane gas to produce butane hashish oil (BHO) concentrate in an e-liquid, which could be atomized. Samples of the gases generated from three e-cigarettes were then collected and analysed. The authors found that cannavaping may result in the avoidance of inhaling significant amounts of toxic contaminants - such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbonyls - released during the combustion of regular cannabis cigarettes.

The authors also believe that illegal cannavaping of BHO presents a low risk of becoming popular among cannabis smokers. The poor solubility of BHO in commercial liquid refills would prevent the manufacture of refills with the high BHO concentrations preferred by most recreational cannabis users.

The authors note that as only one type of e-cigarette was assessed in this study, other devices, brands and e-liquids may produce different cannabinoids and levels of carbonyls and VOCs.

doi: 10.1038/srep25599


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