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Nutrition: Green tea may affect starch digestion


今回、Jaroslaw Walkowiakたちは、19~28歳の被験者28人の参加を得て、プラセボ対照無作為化交差試験を実施した。被験者は12時間絶食してから(1)コーンフレーク(デンプン源)と(2)緑茶抽出物入りウエハース又はプラセボを摂取した。そして、消化時の炭水化物の分解を調べるためにデンプンの二酸化炭素呼気検査が実施された。その結果、緑茶抽出物を単回摂取した被験者のデンプンの消化と吸収がプラセボを摂取した被験者より少ないことが判明した。


Green tea may limit digestion and absorption of dietary starch according to a preliminary study published in Scientific Reports this week.

Jaroslaw Walkowiak and colleagues enrolled 28 participants between the ages of 19-28 years old in a randomised, placebo controlled, crossover trial. After fasting for 12 hours prior to the test, participants were asked to eat a meal consisting of cornflakes (a source of starch) and either a digestible wafer containing green tea extract, or a placebo. A CO2 starch breath test was then used to assess the breakdown of carbohydrates during digestion. The authors found that a single dose of green tea extract decreased starch digestion and absorption when compared to the placebo group.

The authors note that the dose of green tea extract used in the study was equivalent to at least several cups of green tea and, as normal daily intake is generally smaller, potential effects may not be as pronounced as those in the test. Further studies are required to determine the mechanism involved and the clinical significance of the chemical components of green tea.

doi: 10.1038/srep12015


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