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Materials science: A stretchable loudspeaker


近年の研究の進展でフレキシブルな音響デバイスが生産されるようになった。しかし、デバイスが引き伸ばされた際に機械的安定性を保つ材料を見つける必要があったため、この分野の発展は遅れていた。今回、Jeong Sook Haたちは、従来の硬い金属コイルの代わりにガリンスタン(液体金属合金)製の変形可能な液体金属コイルを用いて、伸縮性音響デバイスを作製した。このデバイスのスピーカー素子は、液体金属コイルとネオジム永久磁石の相互作用によって駆動される。

この音響デバイスは、手首に装着した状態や手で引き伸ばされた状態で、人間の声のような音と目覚まし時計のブザー音を録音、再生でき、機械的変形を何度も繰り返しても、人間の耳で感知できる周波数範囲(20 Hz~20 kHz)全体で正常に作動した。

A stretchable acoustic device that can operate as a loudspeaker and microphone is described in Scientific Reports this week. The device, which can record and play back sound while attached to the wrist, has the ability to survive stretching without a loss of performance.

Recent developments have led to the production of flexible acoustic devices. However, finding materials that provide mechanical stability when stretched has slowed developments in this field. Jeong Sook Ha and colleagues created a stretchable acoustic device by replacing the conventional rigid metal coil with a deformable liquid metal coil of Galinstan, a liquid metal alloy. The loudspeaker element of the device was driven by the interaction between the liquid metal coil and a permanent neodymium magnet.

The authors were able to record sounds such as the human voice and a beeping alarm clock and play them back while the device was attached to the wrist or was being stretched by hand. They found that the device could perform across the frequency range of human hearing (20 Hz to 20 kHz) upon repeated cycles of mechanical deformation.

doi: 10.1038/srep11695


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