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Preventing inflammation from sticking around


好中球は、白血球の一種であり、体内の損傷部位や感染部位で働く。しかし、活性化される好中球が多すぎると、炎症や組織障害を引き起こす。Asrar Malikたちは、アルブミン(血液中のタンパク質なので生体適合性をもたらす)からナノ粒子を作製し、その中にピセアタンノール(抗炎症性薬物)を封入した。作製した薬物封入ナノ粒子は、損傷部位ではなく肺の内面に付着していた活性化好中球に取り込まれた。これにより、好中球が解放され、感染部位への移動が可能になった。また、炎症兆候を示すマウスに薬物封入ナノ粒子を静脈内投与すると、ナノ粒子が好中球の炎症誘発機能を不活性化するため、持続性肺障害を防ぐことが確認された。


Damage to mouse lung tissue caused by inflammation can potentially be avoided by the targeted delivery of drug-loaded nanoparticles, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Nanotechnology. The findings offer possible therapeutic alternatives to treating a range of inflammatory diseases such as acute lung injury or sepsis.

Neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, attend to the site of injury or infection within the body; however, if too many neutrophils are active, they can cause inflammation and tissue damage. Asrar Malik and colleagues created nanoparticles from albumin-a protein found in the blood, thus making them biocompatible-and loaded them with pineatannol, a drug with anti-inflammatory properties. Active neutrophils that had adhered the lining of the lung, rather than the site of injury, internalized the drug-loaded nanoparticles. This enabled neutrophil release and their subsequent migration to the location of infection. The researchers observed that intravenous administration of these nanoparticles prevented persistent lung injury in mice that were showing signs of inflammation, because the nanoparticles de-activated the pro-inflammatory function of neutrophils.

The authors believe that the drug-loaded nanoparticles work with the immune system to protect the body against infection, limiting damage from excessive accumulation of neutrophils, providing a flexible platform for anti-inflammatory therapeutics.

doi: 10.1038/nnano.2014.17

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