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Warren Chanたちは、DNA鎖を用いて核となるコアナノ粒子の周りに小さなナノ粒子をつなげることによって、腫瘍に滞留可能な大きさのナノ粒子構造体を作製した。そして、作製したナノ構造体が造影剤や抗がん剤のキャリアとして働くことを実証した。また、コアナノ粒子やバラバラのナノ粒子の混合物と比較して、ナノ構造体がマウス腫瘍に蓄積されやすいことを見いだした。重要なのは、その後のマウスの尿検査において、ナノ粒子構成ブロックが検出されたことである。この結果は、ナノ構造体が分解され、腎臓を通して排泄されるほど小さくなったことを示している。今回の手法は、ナノ粒子の医学応用への懸念に対処する臨床的に意義ある解決策をもたらすものである、とChanたちは示唆している。

By using DNA strands and nanoparticles as building blocks, nanostructures can be assembled that show enhanced tumour uptake in mice, yet subsequently break down into constituent parts for improved clearance from the body, therefore reducing potential toxicity. The results, reported this week in Nature Nanotechnology, offer a new strategy for the safe and controlled delivery of anticancer drugs.

For improved delivery, nanoparticles must be sufficiently large to be taken up by the tumour and retained. However, once they have exerted their therapeutic effect, such structures can remain in the body for a long time, too large to be removed by the body’s clearance systems, which can potentially cause chronic toxicity.

Warren Chan and colleagues constructed nanoparticles large enough to be retained by tumours by building up layers of small nanoparticles connected to a core nanoparticle with strands of DNA. The authors demonstrated that the assemblies could act as carriers for imaging agents and anticancer drugs. They found that, in mice, the nanostructures showed improved accumulation in tumours when compared with the core nanoparticles and the non-assembled mixture. Importantly, in subsequent analyses of mouse urine the nanoparticle building blocks were detected, demonstrating that the assemblies had broken down and were small enough to be eliminated through the kidneys. The authors suggest that this strategy offers clinically relevant solutions to address concerns over the use of nanoparticles in medicine.

doi: 10.1038/nnano.2013.309

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