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Men increase stress in rodents



この言説を検討するため、Jeffrey Mogilたちは、マウス・グリマス・スケール(齧歯類の疼痛の高感度な計量法)を用い、実験者が男性か女性かでマウスの疼痛反応を比較した。その結果、男性が実験を行った場合に、痛覚の著明な抑制(ストレス誘発鎮痛として知られる)が認められた。さらに調べると、この作用はヒトの汗に含まれる化学物質の混合物からの嗅覚刺激によるものであり、男性が脱いだTシャツにマウスを接触させることによって再現されることも明らかにされた。そのマウスには、コルチコステロン(ストレスホルモンの一種)のレベルおよび体温の上昇も認められ、ストレスレベルが高いことがうかがわれた。研究チームは、別の行動実験で、男性が脱いだTシャツの存在がマウスの不安を増強することをオープンフィールド試験によって観察し、男性の嗅覚刺激の影響を確認した。

Exposure of mice and rats to male experimenters or their clothing increases these rodents’ stress levels and influences their behavior during experiments, reports a study published online this week in Nature Methods. This study shows that an experimenter’s gender can have a confounding effect on behavioral studies and should be taken into account.

There has been anecdotal evidence that mice react differently in the presence of male versus female experimenters. In particular, it has been noted that a mouse’s pain response is blunted in the presence of a male, rather than a female, experimenter.

To investigate these observations, Jeffrey Mogil and colleagues used the mouse grimace scale, a sensitive measure of pain in rodents, to compare mouse response to pain in the presence of male or female experimenters. They report a marked reduction in pain sensation, known as stress-induced analgesia, when a man conducted the experiment. Further tests showed that this effect was due to olfactory stimulation from a mixture of chemicals present in human sweat and could be reproduced by exposing the mice to a T-shirt that had previously been worn by a man. The mice also showed increases in corticosterone levels-a stress hormone-and body temperature, indicative of higher stress levels. Mogil and colleagues confirmed the effect of the male olfactory stimuli in a second behavioral experiment in which they saw that the presence of a male-worn T-shirt increased mice’s anxiety in an open-field test.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2935

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