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Want to examine a single cell? Go to a pool

組織内の細胞はどれも同じようにみえるが、遺伝子の発現は細胞ごとに異なり、その不均一性が組織全体の機能に影響を与えている。細胞内のこうした分子発現パターンを明らかにする方法が、Nature Methods(電子版)で発表される。


確率論的プロファイル解析という方法で、J Bruggeたちは、一細胞のプロファイル解析を行うための解決法を得た。細胞を1つだけ分離するのではなく、10細胞のプールを無作為に取り出した。10細胞であれば、遺伝子発現の分析に十分な材料が得られる。発現が不揃いな遺伝子は、各細胞で発現レベルが揃った遺伝子と比較して、プール内の発現量分布が広くなるため、細胞間で発現パターンが異なる遺伝子を同定することができる。研究チームは、三次元培養した乳房上皮細胞の分析で確率論的プロファイル解析の威力を実証し、酸化的ストレス応答など、細胞間で異なる複数の分子経路を同定した。そうした経路は、いったん同定されれば、健常組織および疾患組織の発生に影響する変動を分析することが可能となる。

Though cells within a tissue may seem identical, the gene expression in each cell differs, and this heterogeneity impacts the function of the tissue as a whole. A report, published online this week in Nature Methods, describes an approach to unravel these molecular expression patterns in cells.

Cell-to-cell variation in gene and protein expression often drives the development and function of a tissue, but one cannot observe these single cell differences in population-wide analyses. Analyzing individual cells would be an option, but this is difficult because most single cells do not yield enough material for molecular analysis. Moreover, it can be difficult to know whether fluctuations in expression are due to real biological heterogeneity or experimental noise.

With a strategy called stochastic profiling, Joan Brugge and her team provide a solution for single-cell profiling. Instead of isolating just one cell, they randomly dissect pools of ten cells, which gives them enough material to analyze gene expression. Heterogeneously expressed genes will have a wider expression distribution in the pool than genes that are expressed at the same level in every cell, thus allowing the identification of genes with varying expression patterns between cells. The researchers demonstrate the power of stochastic profiling by investigating a three-dimensional culture of breast epithelial cells and identify several molecular pathways, such as oxidative stress response, that differ from cell to cell. Once such pathways are identified, the fluctuations that influence the development of healthy and diseased tissue can be investigated.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1442

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