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微小流体を利用するC. elegansの自動選別

Nature Methods

Automated microfluidics-based screening of C. elegans

線虫を自動的に撮像および選別するシステムが、Nature Methods(電子版)で発表される。


H Luたちは、広く利用されているモデル生物である線虫C. elegansの高分解能撮像および選別を自動的に行うシステムを作り出し、その有用性を検証した。開発されたのはコンピュータ制御ソフトウェアを利用する微小流体チップであり、数少ない変異株を撮像し、それを単一細胞の差に基づいて正常な線虫のなかから物理的に選別する能力をもつことが確認された。この全工程は、人間の手を煩わせることなく、高速かつ正確に進められることが示された。


A system for automated imaging and sorting of nematodes is published online this week in Nature Methods.

Genetic screening is a classical approach in which the genetic information of model organisms is changed and then examined for new and interesting features. This typically requires large numbers of animals to be monitored and would therefore be greatly aided by rapid and automated methods to do so. A major challenge in this type of work is integrating state-of-the-art technologies, such as high-resolution microscopy, with rapid screening.

Hang Lu and colleagues describe and validate a system that can carry out automated high-resolution imaging and sorting of a commonly used model organism, the worm C. elegans. They developed a microfluidic chip with computer-controlled software, and show that rare mutants can be imaged and physically separated from normal worms based on differences in single cells. The authors demonstrate that this can be done rapidly, accurately and with no human intervention.

This is the first automated device to combine high-resolution imaging with automated sorting of the worm and could lead to more efficient screens on genetic model organisms in the future.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1227

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