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Nature Methods

Measuring cell traction in 3D

細胞が三次元空間を移動するときに使う力を測定する方法が、Nature Methods(電子版)で発表される。


C Chenたちは、ヒドロゲル素材に封入された細胞の牽引力を測定する定量的な方法を紹介している。細胞はこの素材の中を移動し、その過程でヒドロゲルに埋め込まれた蛍光ビーズを動かした。研究チームは、蛍光ビーズの動きを利用して細胞のさまざまな部分が使った力を計算し、移動する細胞の先端がどのように進むのかについての洞察を得た。


A technique to measure the forces a cell exerts as it moves through three-dimensional space is published online this week in Nature Methods.

A moving cell is in constant contact with its surrounding matrix, extending processes and applying forces that drive migration. Such movement is essential for tissue formation during development but also contributes to metastasis in cancer. Despite the fundamental biological importance of cell-generated forces, it has proven difficult to measure them in three dimensions.

Christopher Chen and colleagues present a quantitative approach to determine the traction forces of cells that are encapsulated in a hydrogel matrix. The cells migrated through the matrix, and in doing so they displaced fluorescent beads embedded in the hydrogel. The researchers used this displacement to calculate the force exerted by different parts of the cell, which gave them insights into how the tip of a migrating cell advances.

They applied this approach to several cell types to assess its general applicability and anticipate that in the future it will allow a better understanding of the role and regulation of cell movement in a range of biological settings.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1531

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