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Nature Methods

Protein complex structural determination by mass spectrometry

質量分析法の分解能および利用可能性を向上させることによって完全な多タンパク質複合体の重要な構造情報を得る研究法が、今週のNature Methods(オンライン版)で発表される。


Albert Heckたちは、Orbitrap質量分析計(高処理能タンパク質プロファイル解析で広く使用されている一般的なタイプの装置)に施した改良により、分子量1,000 kDaもの完全な多タンパク質複合体が測定されるようになったことを明らかにしている。その方法の分解能は、細菌のシャペロニン複合体GroELにひとつひとつのATPまたはADP分子が結合しているのを識別することができるほど高い。現時点では、これをもとの質量分析法で行うことはできない。今回の方法は、多タンパク質複合体の翻訳後修飾の高感度検出のような用途も可能と考えられる。

An approach for improving the resolution and accessibility of a mass spectrometry technique to obtain important structural information about intact multiprotein complexes is published online this week in Nature Methods.

Structural details about large multiprotein complexes, including what molecules can bind to them and how the complexes assemble, can be measured using mass spectrometry methods that allow for the detection of high-molecular-weight ions. To date, this technique has required the use of specially modified mass spectrometers and has been limited to a few expert labs.

Albert Heck and colleagues describe modifications to an Orbitrap mass spectrometer-a popular type of instrument that is widely used in high-throughput protein profiling-that now allow it to measure intact multiprotein complexes with molecular weights of up to 1,000 kDa. The resolution of their approach was adequately high to distinguish the binding of individual ATP or ADP molecules to the bacterial chaperonin complex GroEL, which to date has not been possible with intact mass spectrometry methods. The method should also allow applications such as the sensitive detection of post-translational modifications on multiprotein complexes.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2208

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