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Imaging sugars in live animals

生きた線虫の体内にある特定の糖類を可視化する方法が、今週のオンライン版Nature Methodsで発表される。これは、そうした糖類の生物学的機能に関する洞察をもたらす技術である。


Hannes Bulowたちは、とりわけそうした修飾された糖類、なかでもヘパラン硫酸に注目している。ヘパラン硫酸は、細胞の表面に提示される線状の多糖類で、その修飾パターンが生物学的な機能を決定づけている。線虫の発生過程で特定のヘパラン硫酸を追跡するため、研究チームは、ヘパラン硫酸の特定の修飾を認識する抗体を、分泌シグナルとともにGFP(緑色蛍光タンパク質)と融合させた。抗体は、分泌シグナルのおかげで確実に細胞外に輸送され、そこで標的と結合する。その結果、重要な発生段階ごとに、ヘパラン硫酸を提示する細胞の種類が明らかにされた。


A technique for visualizing specific sugars in living worms which provides insight into their biological function is published online this week in Nature Methods.

Visualization of non-genetically encoded molecules, such as sugars or lipids, within living organisms is challenging but important to understand the essential role these molecules play in development and disease. In the past scientists have used chemical compounds to attach a fluorescent dye to sugars, but this is a non-specific approach since it labels all sugars, irrespective of their modifications.

Hannes Bulow and his colleagues are especially interested in such modified sugars, particularly in heparan sulfates - linear polysaccharides displayed on the outside of a cell whose modification pattern determines their biological function. To follow particular heparan sulfates through the course of a worm’s development, the authors fused antibodies, that recognize the specific modifications on the sugar, to GFP (Green fluorescent protein) together with a secretion signal that ensured export of the antibodies to the outside of the cell where they bound their targets. The scientists identified the cell types that displayed the heparan sulfates at each key developmental stage.

This approach has the potential to easily be extended to other sugars, lipids or proteins with post translational modifications as long as specific antibodies for the modification exist.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1945

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