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Watching single molecules under flow

改良された一分子蛍光実験法が、Nature Methodsの2本の論文で発表される。一分子の力学を明らかにすることは、基礎レベルとともに、タンパク質構造のモデル化および薬物デザインの面でも重要である。


A Denizたちは、一分子の検出に対応することができるように出力フローを低速化した高速微小流体混合装置を発表している。この研究チームは、その装置を用いて、一分子蛍光共鳴エネルギー移動という検出法により、本質的に異常なタンパク質「αシヌクレイン」の折りたたみの初期段階を追究した。

別の研究で、D Majumdarたちは、一分子実験の処理能力を大幅に向上させている。蛍光画像法に対応可能な自動化された微小流体混合装置を用い、この研究チームは、手動による方法では不可能と考えられる規模のさまざまな環境条件で、一分子の立体配座変化および酵素活性を追跡した。

Methods for improved single-molecule fluorescence experiments are reported in two papers published online this week in Nature Methods. Understanding single molecule dynamics is important on a fundamental level as well as for modeling protein structure and for drug design.

Observing single molecules can yield insights into molecular behaviour that cannot be discerned from typical experiments in which populations of molecules are studied. For example, the intermediate states that a protein briefly occupies as it goes from an unfolded, inactive state to a folded, functional structure, can often only be detected by following a single protein as it folds.

Ashok Deniz and colleagues report a rapid microfluidic mixing device in which the output flow is slowed down such that it is compatible with single-molecule detection. They use the device to study the early folding steps of an intrinsically disordered protein, alpha-synuclein, using a detection technique known as single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer.

In separate work, Devdoot Majumdar and colleagues substantially increase the throughput of single-molecule experiments. Using an automated microfluidic mixing device that is compatible with fluorescence imaging, they monitor single-molecule conformational changes and enzymatic activity under various environmental conditions at a scale that would be inaccessible with manual methods.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1568

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