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Nature Methods

Renewable reagents for detecting human proteins

親和性および選択性が高く、再生可能なヒトタンパク質結合剤を作製する体系的な方法がNature Methods(電子版)で発表される。この成果は、すべてのヒトタンパク質を検出する再生可能な試薬を作製するための大規模な作業が既存の方法およびツールで実現可能であることを示唆している。


K Colwill、Susanne Gräslundたちは、20種類の極めて類似したヒトタンパク質に対する複数種類の再生可能な抗体様試薬を作製する方法を評価するパイロットプロジェクトの結果を発表している。その再生可能な試薬は、合理的な時間で効率的に生産され、従来の抗体に匹敵する親和性および選択性を持っていることが確認された。

Systematic ways to generate high-affinity, high-selectivity and renewable binders of human proteins are reported online this week in Nature Methods. These results suggest that a large-scale effort to create renewable reagents to detect all human proteins should be feasible with existing methods and tools.

Antibodies are produced naturally as part of the immune system in animals. For decades, researchers have taken advantage of this process to create specific reagents that work in a similar fashion to antibodies, binding to proteins of interest. Such reagents are extremely important research tools, and are used extensively in the laboratory to detect or isolate a protein of interest from a biological sample. Although thousands of commercially available antibodies exist, their quality varies widely and most of these antibodies are not renewable ― their exact compositions differ from batch to batch.

Karen Colwill, Susanne Gräslund and collaborators report the results of a pilot project to evaluate the generation of several types of renewable antibody-like reagents to 20 closely related human proteins. They demonstrated that the renewable reagents could be efficiently produced within a reasonable time frame and had affinities and selectivities on par with traditional antibodies.

doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1607

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