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How Brits feel about ‘smart’ energy



今回、Alexa Spenceたちは、英国に居住する2,441人を対象としたオンライン意識調査の回答を分析した。非常に多くの回答者(58%)が自分のエネルギー消費量を減らすことに前向きだと答えた一方で、回答者の約20%が自らのエネルギー消費量を外部の人間に知られることに不安を感じると答えた。また、気候変動に懸念を抱く人はDSMを受け入れる確率が高く、エネルギーのコストに懸念を抱く人は数々のDSMシナリオ(例えば、(1) 指定時刻に電子機器のスイッチを切る機能、(2) 洗濯機、冷凍冷蔵庫などの電化製品を最も効率的に利用できる時間帯に関する決定を配電会社が行うこと)を受け入れる確率が低かった。


Reluctance to share data about personal energy use is likely to be a major obstacle when implementing ‘smart’ technologies designed to monitor use and support energy efficient behaviours, reports a paper published online in Nature Climate Change.

Increasing energy efficiency and encouraging flexible energy use are integral parts of plans to reduce the UK’s greenhouse-gas emissions. Demand-side management (DSM) systems use technology such as smart meters, which transmit information about energy usage from the demand- or customer-side to energy companies. This information can then be used to develop and implement more energy efficient practices. However, it is unclear how UK consumers feel about the benefits of DSM.

Alexa Spence and colleagues analysed responses to an online survey of 2,441 UK residents and found that most participants (58%) said they were willing to reduce their personal energy use. However, approximately a fifth of survey respondents said they would be uncomfortable sharing data about their personal energy use with any outside party. Those concerned about climate change were more likely to accept DSM, while those concerned about the cost of energy were less likely to accept various DSM scenarios, including timed shut-offs for electronic devices and allowing electricity network operators to make decisions about the most efficient times of day to run appliances like washing machines and fridge-freezers.

The results suggest that to encourage public acceptance of DSM, the government should emphasize the environmental benefits and allay concerns about the policies increasing the cost of energy.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate2610


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