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Making friends and influencing people


さまざまな問題に対する人々の考えや姿勢を予測する際に、それらの人々の社会的関係のネットワークと文化交流ネットワーク内での立ち位置を考慮に入れることが有益なことが分析研究によって明らかになっている。今回、David TindallとGeorgia Piggotは、2007年にカナダで実施された2つの調査によるデータを用いて、環境保護団体が人々の気候変動に対する考えと行動意欲にどのような影響を与えるのかを評価した。第1の調査は、無作為に選んだ非政府環境保護団体のメンバー1,227人に質問票を送り、その回答結果をまとめたもので、第2の調査では、カナダ国民1,007人を対象として、気候変動に対する考えと姿勢について電話による聞き取りが行われた。



Members of the Canadian general public with social ties to members of environmental organizations are more likely to have a plan of action to help tackle climate change, reports a paper published this week in Nature Climate Change. The findings emphasize the role of social context in shaping risk perception.

Analysis has shown that the positions of individuals within networks of social and cultural relations can be used to help predict beliefs and attitudes regarding a range of issues. David Tindall and Georgia Piggot assessed the influence of environmental organizations on peoples’ climate change beliefs and willingness to act using data from two surveys carried out in Canada in 2007. The first survey involved responses to questionnaires sent to 1,227 randomly selected members of environmental nongovernmental organizations. In a separate survey, 1,007 members of the Canadian general public were interviewed by telephone about their climate change beliefs and attitudes.

The authors found that individuals with a greater number of ties to environmental organization members were more likely to have plans to mitigate their impact on the environment - such as buying a more fuel-efficient car, recycling, and improving home insulation - than those with fewer or no such ties. Participants’ level of concern about climate change was not associated with the number of these organizations in their social networks.

The new findings show that environmental organizations can shape public opinion through informal interpersonal interaction with individuals not directly involved in the environmental movement, such as friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate2597


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