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Counting the cost of farming Africa’s ‘wet savannahs’



今回、Timothy Searchingerたちは、広範にわたる「適切な」(農業にとって十分な土壌水分のある)アフリカのサバンナ、灌木地、森林地帯で農業を営むことに伴う炭素と生物多様性のコストに関するモデル研究を行った。その結果、これらの陸地のうち、高い炭素コストを負わずに高収量の耕地に転換できるものの割合は、トウモロコシを栽培する場合には2~3%、ダイズを栽培する場合には10%という少ない割合であることが分かった。また、ヨーロッパの温室効果ガス排出削減基準に適合したバイオ燃料を生産できる土地は1%未満だった。またSearchingerたちは、今回の研究で対象となった地域における鳥類と哺乳類の平均多様性が熱帯雨林の場合に似ていることも見いだした。今回の研究は、生物多様性の保全と二酸化炭素排出量の抑制を目指す政策立案者が、バイオ燃料と食物の生産量の大幅増加のためにアフリカの湿潤サバンナを選んではならないことを示唆している。

Farming Africa’s wet savannahs to meet global demands for food and bioenergy could have high carbon and biodiversity costs, according to a paper published online in Nature Climate Change. These findings contrast with studies that assumed these lands could be converted to cropland with relatively low environmental impact.

Previous studies, for example by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, have implicitly identified African savannahs and shrublands as potential areas for cropland expansion, however the effects of land conversion on carbon emissions and biodiversity are not well understood.

Timothy Searchinger and colleagues modelled the carbon and biodiversity cost of farming a wide range of ‘suitable’ (having sufficient soil moisture for agriculture) African savannahs, shrublands and woodlands. They found that only very small proportions of this land area, two to three per cent for maize and 10 per cent for soybeans, can be converted to high yielding cropland without high carbon costs. Less than one per cent could produce biofuels that would meet European standards for greenhouse gas reductions. The authors also found that the area they studied has similar average bird and mammal diversity to wet tropical forests. The study suggests that policymakers aiming to preserve biodiversity and curb carbon dioxide emissions should not target African wet savannahs for mass expansion of biofuel and food production.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate2584


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