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Nature Climate Change

Regional extremes linked to atmospheric variations


今回、James ScreenとIan Simmondsは、中緯度域での極端な陸地温度と降水量を観測データセットから特定し、こうした極端な気象と研究対象とした7つの中緯度域での惑星波の波長異常を比較して、影響の違いを明らかにした。その結果、それぞれの地域で予想される極端気象のタイプが分かった。つまり、北米西部と中央アジアでの熱波、北米東部の寒冷期、北米中部、ヨーロッパ、中央アジアでの干ばつ、西アジアでの雨季の発生確率が高まるというのだ。

Month-long periods of extreme weather are associated with amplified atmospheric planetary waves - high-altitude winds that meander around the globe - occurring in the mid-latitudes, reports a study published online this week in Nature Climate Change.

James Screen and Ian Simmonds identified mid-latitude land temperature and precipitation extremes in observational datasets. Comparing the extremes with planetary-wave amplitude anomalies across seven mid-latitude study regions allows differences in impacts to be determined. The authors identified the type of extreme expected in different geographical regions, with an increased probability of heatwaves in western North America and central Asia, cold periods in eastern North America, droughts in central North America, Europe and central Asia, and wet spells in western Asia.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate2271


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