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European trees under stress


炭素吸収源は、大気から二酸化炭素を除去しており、京都議定書では、炭素吸収源をカーボンオフセットの一形態として利用することが奨励されていた。今回、Gert-Jan Nabuursたちがヨーロッパ地域全体の森林資源調査結果を調べたところ、2005年以降、樹木の幹材積増加量が減ってきており、その結果として炭素吸収容量も減少していることをわかった。この結果は、森林の年間平均成長量から樹木の年間平均自然枯死量を差し引く計算によって得られた。Nabuursたちは、この結果を説明できる条件はわずかしかないと考えている。ヨーロッパの森林は成熟度を高めているため、高齢の樹木が大部分を占めている。この条件と大気からの窒素沈着の減少と気候変動による夏季の大気湿度の低下を用いると、炭素吸収源の抑制につながる幹材積増加量の減少を説明できる。また、都市の無秩序な拡大(スプロール現象)と都市のインフラ整備によって森林破壊率が緩やかながらも上昇しており、吸収源の強度に影響を与えている。さらには、相対的に高齢のヨーロッパの森林は、自然撹乱による被害を受けやすく、これが大気中への炭素放出につながることが証拠によって明らかになった。


The carbon sink services provided by European forests were predicted to be functional for decades, however since 2005 there have been signs of sink saturation, reports work published in Nature Climate Change. The paper suggests that declining volume of trees, deforestation rates and higher vulnerability to natural disturbances such as fires, storms and insects play a part in this slow-down.

Carbon sinks remove CO2 from the atmosphere and the Kyoto Protocol has promoted their use as a form of carbon offset. Gert-Jan Nabuurs and colleagues looked at forest inventories for the whole European area and found that since 2005 there has been a decline in the rate of tree volume increase, and therefore also in sink capacity. This was calculated using the average annual volume of forest increment minus the average annual volume of natural mortality of trees. The authors suggest that a few conditions may explain this. As European forests are increasingly mature, they are dominated by older trees. This condition, combined with reduced nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere and decreased summer air humidity due to climate change, can explain the lower growth in forest volume that curbs the carbon sink. In addition, urban sprawl and infrastructure expansion are driving deforestation rates, even if only on a modest scale, with effects on the sink strength. Finally, evidence shows that the older European forests are more susceptible to damage caused by natural disturbances, leading to release of carbon into the atmosphere.

The researchers conclude that although managed European forests are closer to capacity than previously thought, changes in management practices can improve volume growth and slow down saturation of the carbon sink.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate1853

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