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Nature Climate Change

Climate zone shift gathers speed


今回、Irina Mahlsteinたちは、気候モデルによるシミュレーションを行って、全球的な気温と降水量の変化を調べ、そしてその結果として、気候帯についても調べた。その結果、月間と年間の気温と降水量に基づいた気候帯の移動が、気温上昇とともにほぼ線形に速くなっていることが明らかになった。

Climate zones are shifting with increasing pace, in line with increasing temperatures reports research in Nature Climate Change. The work suggests that the rate of change will nearly double by the end of the century under a high end emissions scenario, and about 20% of all land area will undergo a change. This may mean that species will have less time to adapt to new climates, therefore increasing the risk of extinction.

Irina Mahlstein and colleagues use climate model simulations to investigate temperature and precipitation changes, and therefore climate zones, across the globe. Climate zones, based on monthly and annual temperature and precipitation, were found to be shifting with increasing pace, almost linear with temperature increases.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate1876


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