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Climate Change: Climate-change engagement in Indonesia

E Bohenskyたちは、2007年に東カリマンタン州、2008年には中部ジャワ州において、合計6,310世帯を調査し、地球温暖化との関わりのパターンを調べた。その結果、回答者の81.9%が気候変動に気づいたと答え、70.7%が気候変動をリスクと認識し、38.9%が気候変動の影響に適応し、28.2%が予防措置をとっていると回答した。Bohenskyたちは、さまざまな回答の組み合わせを用いて、気候変動と関わる段階の順序、例えば、適応行動をとると回答した世帯がそれ以前の調査で気候変動をリスクと認識したと回答し、それ以前の調査で、気候変動に気づいていたかどうかを分析した。全般的に言うと、順を追った気候変動との関わりが全事例の89.5%において起こった。これに対して、人々が気候変動に気づき、それをリスクと認識したが、何らの行動もとらなかったというのが、最も頻度の高い回答の組み合わせだった(31.8%)。


Contrary to the results of a 2006 poll, Indonesian families are highly aware of global warming, reports a study this week in Nature Climate Change. Theory suggests individuals must first observe climate change, to then perceive it as a risk and eventually adapt to it, or even take preventative actions. This study shows that the hypothesis holds true not just in the Western world, but also, potentially, in developing nations.

Erin Bohensky and her colleagues surveyed 6,310 households in East Kalimantan in 2007 and in Central Java in 2008 to investigate patterns of engagement with global warming. They found that 81.9% of respondents reported to have observed climate change, 70.7% perceive it as a risk, 38.9% are adapting to its impacts and 28.2% are taking proactive measures. The researchers used different combinations of answers to analyse the sequence of steps in engagement, such as whether families claiming to take adaptation action had previously declared to perceive climate change as a risk and before that, to have observed it. Overall, sequential engagement occurred in 89.5% of the cases. However, the most frequent combination of responses was that people observed climate change, perceived it as a risk but did not take any action (31.8%).

Based on their findings, the authors advise that Indonesian institutions should move away from basic awareness-raising strategies and identify appropriate adaptation support in line with the level of households’ engagement.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate1762


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