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Climate change: Extreme weather in Europe could increase Green voting

ヨーロッパ市民が極端な気候事象を経験すると、環境問題への関心と環境保護政党の支持率が著しく高まるかもしれないという研究結果を報告する論文が、Nature Climate Change に掲載される。今回の知見は、気候変動対策に対する国民の支持を決定する要因について理解を深める上で役立つかもしれない。


今回、Roman Hoffmann、Jonas Peisker、Raya Muttarakたちは、ヨーロッパの複数の国々を対象とした精度の高い世論調査データと選挙データを用いて、異常気温、猛暑、日照りが、34か国で人々の環境に対する関心を著しく高め、24か国で環境保護政党の得票率を著しく高めた可能性があることを示す証拠を得た。また著者たちは、地域差を調べ、この影響が、より温暖な地中海気候の地域よりも、温暖な大西洋気候や寒冷な大陸気候の地域で顕著に表れていることを明らかにした。こうした予測は、地域の国内総生産(GDP)によって変化しており、極端な気候事象を経験した結果として気候変動対策への支持が増えることは、個人所得水準の高い地域でのみ起こることが示唆される。

The experience of extreme climate events could significantly increase environmental concerns and voter support for Green parties among European citizens, according to a study in Nature Climate Change. These findings could help us to better understand what determines public support for climate action.

The past two decades have seen a rise in the awareness of climate change issues across Europe, along with an increase in the voting share of Green parties in the European Parliament. Although past experience of extreme climate events is believed to be an important driver of these changes, there is limited evidence of causal links between experience, environmental concerns and actual voting behaviours.

Using cross-country, high-resolution public survey and election data from Europe, Roman Hoffmann, Jonas Peisker, Raya Muttarak and colleagues provide evidence that temperature anomalies, heat episodes and dry spells could significantly increase people’s environmental concerns (in 34 countries) and Green voting (in 24 countries). The authors also explore regional variations, revealing that this effect is more pronounced in areas with a temperate Atlantic or cooler Continental climate than in those with a warmer Mediterranean climate. Moderation of these projections by regional gross domestic product (GDP) suggests that increases in support for climate action as a result of experiencing extreme events only occurs in regions with higher personal income levels.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-021-01263-8


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