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Climate change: 26% increase in annual flood losses in the United States projected by 2050

米国では、気候変動のために、年間の洪水被害額が2050年までに26.4%増加する可能性があり、低所得コミュニティーがそれを過大に負担することになると明らかにしたモデル化研究について報告する論文が、Nature Climate Change に掲載される。


今回、Oliver Wingたちは、高度なモデル化技術、土地家屋レベルの資産データ、気候予測を用いて、米国における洪水リスクについて、包括的で高分解能な将来を見据えた推定方法を開発した。Wingたちの推定によれば、現在の米国の洪水被害額は平均で年間321億ドル(約3兆5300億円)であり、2050年までに26.4%増の406億ドル(約4兆4700億円)になるとされる。現在、そのリスクを負っているのが、白人の比率が高い低所得コミュニティーであることが明らかになっている。しかし、今後の洪水リスクの増加で、大西洋とメキシコ湾の沿岸部のアフリカ系アメリカ人のコミュニティーがより大きな影響を受けると予測される。気候変動に加えて、予測される人口変動も、洪水リスクの大幅な増加を引き起こす可能性がある。


Climate change could lead to a 26.4% increase in annual flood losses in the United States by 2050, the cost of which will be borne disproportionately by disadvantaged communities, according to a modelling study in Nature Climate Change.

Flood hazard mapping is essential in risk management to conduct cost–benefit analysis for climate change actions or to estimate the feasibility of new developments. However, typical models used for regulatory or commercial purposes rely on historical data and fail to capture projected climate change. Low-resolution and unrealistic modelling settings also limit their practical applications.

Using advanced modelling techniques, property-level asset data and climate projections, Oliver Wing and colleagues develop a comprehensive, high-resolution and forward-looking estimation of flood risk in the United States. The authors estimate that annual, national flood losses currently average US$32.1 billion and are projected to rise by 26.4% to US$40.6 billion by 2050. At present, the risks are revealed to be borne by poorer communities with a proportionally larger white population. Future increases in flood risk, however, will have a greater impact on African American communities on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. In addition to climate change, projected population change could also cause a large increase in flood risk.

The authors conclude that these results show the flood risk faced by the United States under climate change, highlighting the need for adaptation to this risk and mitigation efforts to prevent further losses.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-021-01265-6

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